You, Incorporated

Your Career is Your BUsiness

By:  Ines Temple

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ISBN: 978-1-4736-8885-8


208 Pages

Career/Motivational/Personal Success


From career transition expert and bestselling author Ines Temple comes a concise, practical guide for job-seekers, career-changers, and career-builders on how to manage your career like a business with YOU as its most valuable asset.

Organized into 5 digestible chapters, You, Incorporated is a practical guide to career success that zeroes in on 3 essential concepts that job-seekers, career builders and career changers need to know: No Job is Forever, Employability Equals Options, and Your Career is Your Business.

In a refreshingly clear, no-nonsense style, Ines shares the lessons she has learned advising and coaching thousands of people to help them find their own "job utopias." In You, Incorporated, readers will find a down-to-earth, accessible approach to becoming more valuable to current employers while developing long-term personal competitiveness to attract future employers and seize new opportunities!