Where Do Astronauts Put Their Dirty Underwear?

And 73 other weird questions that only science can answer

By: New Scientist



ISBN: 978-1-5293-5249-8


256 Pages

JUVENILE NONFICTION / Science & Nature / Biology

Why aren't there any green mammals?
Is eating boogers bad for you?
Do dolphins and whales get thirsty?
Why can't you tickle yourself?

Children make excellent scientists - they're inquisitive, keen to learn and have open minds. And they especially love to learn about all the gross stuff and all the weird facts - this book is packed full of them.

In Where Do Astronauts Put Their Dirty Underwear?, kids will discover how to extract iron from breakfast cereal; that fish communicate by farting; how to turn fried eggs green; why tigers have stripes, not spots; and much, much more.

Behind each surprising question and answer or wacky experiment is a scientific explanation that will teach kids more about biology, chemistry and physics, and the world around them.

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