mind your manners

managing business cultures in the new global europe

By: john Mole



ISBN: 978-1-8578-8314-5


228 Pages

Business & Economics/Etiquette/International

"A very clever management book." - John Cleese

Praised by Business Week as "invaluable political and psychological profiles of each nationality ... a wonderfully entertaining view of others as well a ourselves" and named a Financial Times Business Book of the Year, Mind Your Manners has become a 50,000-copy bestseller and the standard guide to European business cultures for over a decade.

Now in a fully expanded and updated third edition, this practical guide contains a further fifteen country chapters including all the additional countries - from the Baltics to the Balkans - becoming a members of the European Union, the world's biggest global market.

This major new edition comprehensively covers no fewer than thirty-three different business cultures including non-EU Norway, Switzerland, Russia and America.