making a difference by being yourself

using your personality type to find your life’s true purpose

By: Gregory E. Huszczo

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ISBN: 978-1-8578-8547-7


228 Pages

Self-Help/Psychology/Career/Personal Growth

What does "making a difference" mean to you? How do you find your true purpose in life?

There are hundreds of ways to make a difference in the world, and we are all hard wired to seek purpose and happiness. The expression of that purpose, however, differs from person to person. Whereas one person may find fulfillment in volunteering, another may create an impact by being an authentic leader. The question is-what works for you?

Making a Difference by Being Yourself deconstructs the puzzle by homing in on how your unique personality type frames the actions you take to impact others. Building on the powerful fundamentals of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment, Greg Huszczo's dynamic framework identifies four types of individuals (Stabilizers, Harmonizers, Catalysts and Visionaries) and combines research and stories from more than 500 people to chart a journey of self-discovery and beyond.

With dozens of exercises, assessment tools and examples, Making a Difference by Being Yourself delivers a complete toolkit to take personal insight and awareness to the next level-to live life consciously and to use your strengths and talents in ways that make a meaningful difference at work and in your relationships.