Decent People, Decent Company

How to lead with Character at work and in life

By:  Robert L. Turknett, Carolyn N. Turknett

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ISBN: 978-0-8910-6206-6


228 Pages

Business & Economics/Leadership


ISBN: 978-0-8910-6405-3


228 Pages

Business & Economics/Leadership

Bring character back to the workplace.

Inspiring people who lead with integrity move things forward, garner commitment from others, and are willing to ask the tough questions when necessary. These are the real leaders who generate and sustain cultures of character in organizations.

Decent People, Decent Company now puts the power to develop the core qualities of leadership character into the hands of anyone dedicated to bringing integrity, respect, and personal responsibility back to the workplace - regardless of their place in the organization. Drawing on more than 25 years experience working with hundreds of CEO, managers, and teams, this innovative husband and wife team provide both the inspiration and the tools to help people move from asking "Why don't they?" to asking "What can I?"

With their original and dynamic Leadership Character Model, the Turknetts have captured the essence of what it takes to revitalize attitudes and behavior, unleash leadership integrity, and reinvigorate organizations. Decent People, Decent Company identifies the eight essential traits of leadership character: empathy, emotional mastery, lack of blame, humility, accountability, courage, self-confidence, and focus on the whole. In chapters that focus on each quality individually, dozens of leaders, in their own words, bring to life the struggles and triumphs of developing the behaviours of character and ethical leadership required to bring out the best in everyone.

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