TAking the Leap

How to Build a world-Class coaching business

By: Kasia Wezowski

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276 Pages

Business/Economics & Coaching/Mentoring

Taking the Leap provides relevant and practical advice from 24 well-known coaches who have built sustainable coaching businesses while doing what they love: helping people.

What do the most successful coaches in the world all have in common?

They all started from nothing.

If you've not yet reached the level of impact and income that you want as a coach, then Taking the Leap is the handbook you have been searching for.

For the first time ever, the world's top coaches are sharing their core success strategies in a groundbreaking book. With unique, original contributions from coaching legends like Marshall Goldsmith, Jack Canfield and John Demartini, this is the ultimate guide for becoming a successful coach.

Practical, step-by-step business and marketing advice is merged with inspirational material about attitude and mindset. Combined, the chapters in this book add up to a rock solid recipe for building a lucrative business simply by helping others and following your passion.

"Many of the people in the coaching profession are really good coaches, but they are awful business people." --Marshall Goldsmith

If you're a new coach, the advice in this book will help you take your leap and build a business with confidence, following proven strategies from the best of the best. If you're an industry veteran, the success stories, techniques and advice in this book will give you renewed motivation and drive you to reach even greater heights. This book provides practical advice from 24 globally recognized coaches:

MARSHALL GOLDSMITH on becoming a better businessperson
JACK CANFIELD on continuous improvement
KIERON SWEENEY on promoting yourself
HEATHER RAMSEY on selecting a business model
MARK THOMPSON on partnering with industry leaders
KELVIN LIM on specialization
PATRYK WEZOWSKI on scaling your business
MARC STEINBERG on inner wisdom
MIRNA BACUN on leveraging LinkedIn
VISHEN LAKHIANI on building a visionary business
RELLY NADLER on emotional intelligence
DAVID TAYOR-KLAUS on self-mastery
SAM MARKEWICH on passion and influence
BETH MASTERMAN on honing leadership skills
MELINDA FOUTS on mastering change
KATHERINE MCINTOSH on following your intuition
JOANN LYSIAK on creating a vision of your future
CLINTON CALLAHAN on pushing your own boundaries
PETER SAGE on confidence
PATRICK JINKS on working with nonprofits
KASIA WEZOWSKI on devolving the mindset of success
JOHN DEMARTINI on creating a work-life you love
ROBERTO RE on defining your unique value
MELISSA TIETS on persistence

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Kasia Wezowski