What Is global leadership?

10 key behaviors that define great global leaders

By:  Ernest Gundling, Terry Hogan, Karen Cvitkovich

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ISBN: 978-1-9048-3823-4


288 Pages


Discover the skill set - and mindset - that great global leaders must have to succeed.

What is global leadership? It turns out that many companies around the world are missing a key point: that global leadership is distinctly different from the leadership skills needed in a domestic operation. The global economy requires a new set of leadership skills-imbued with a global mindset, multi-functional and effective across cultures and nationalities-that were not as critical even a decade ago.

In What Is Global Leadership?, the authors draw on cutting-edge research conducted by Aperian Global, including first-hand interviews with successful global leaders, which highlights ten key behaviors critical to international settings, such as cultural self-awareness, frame-shifting, and developing "third-way solutions."

In addition to providing a detailed description of each behavior, the authors demonstrate how these can be applied in the context of leadership development programs, executive coaching, global teams, and leader-led action learning. Whether one is leading an entire organization, a business unit, or a geographically dispersed team, this essential guide provides an important resource for developing global leadership talent.


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