Tools for team excellence

getting your team into higher gear and keeping it there

By:  gregory e. huszczo

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ISBN: 978-0-8910-6387-2


228 Pages

Business/Leadership/Decision Making & Problem Solving

A hands-on guide for sustained team success

Team development is a process, not a program. There is always room for improvement, and in today's competitive marketplace, if you don't continue to improve, you won't survive.

Going beyond either the trendy fads or philosophical approaches outlined in most current management literature, Tools for Team Excellenceprovides a candid look at team based management and a host of hands-on techniques for building, assessing, and improving team performance. Exercises and worksheets, questionnaires and assessment techniques, problem-solving guidelines and troubleshooting tips make this book immediately practical and valuable to team members, managers, consultants, and leaders.

Drawn from the author's direct experience in over thirty years of working with teams, Tools for Team Excellence describes and elaborates on seven key components for creating effective teams. It shows how to address each of these key components, ensuring effective teams that will contribute to the success of an organization.