The LEaderful fieldbook

Strategies and Activities for Developing Leadership in Everyone

By: joseph A. Raelin

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ISBN: 978-1-529-36821-5


224 Pages


"Bursting with useful suggestions." - Peter Gronn, professor, University of Cambridge

The global economy-the flattened world-demands a new type of leadership: collective and collaborative, where the solutions and vision are co-created by the team. Yet the practical application of collective leadership remains a mystery to many practicing executives and managers.

The Leaderful Fieldbook helps change agents - from managers and trainers to consultants and coaches - create the conditions for transitioning from conventional to more collaborative forms of practice. Everyone is capable of participating in leadership, and not just sequentially, but collectively and concurrently-that is, all together and at the same time. The Leaderful Fieldbook presents a fresh and successful approach to leadership development across organizations.

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Joseph A. Raelin