The innovation Zone

how great companies re-innovate for amazing success

By: thomas M. Koulopoulos

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ISBN: 978-1-8578-8579-8


228 Pages

Business & Economics/Leadership/Entrepreneurship/Knowledge Capital

Invent less. Innovate more. And join the next generation of successful global players.

Innovation has become a mantra for organizations facing unprecedented market pressures and worldwide competition. But can it be taught or developed as a core competency? Are there rules for turning great ideas into breakthrough innovations that alter behavior and culture, change the company’s customer relationship, and carve out a path to global business success? Profiling dozens of today’s most innovative organizations, The Innovation Zone delivers a new playbook for creating a structured business model of innovation that focuses on process, not products, to generate sustainable value and competitive dominance.

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Thomas M. Koulopoulos

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