Talent magnetism

how to build a workplace that attracts and keeps the best

By:  roberta Chinsky Matuson


ISBN: 978-1-8578-8598-9


228 Pages

Business & Economics/Workplace Culture/Management

The competition wants your customers AND your best people. Learn the new rules for attracting top talent and getting them to stick around.

Talent Magnetism offers straightforward, easy-to-apply techniques that help managers navigate the challenges of attracting and keeping talent to foster innovation and fuel growth.

Roberta Matuson, bestselling author of Suddenly in Charge and award-winning management consultant, shows you how with:

* Fresh techniques and creative ways to build an organization with talent magnetism, where top talent is pulled in with minimal effort on the employer's part.
* Proven methods which focus on what today's post-recession workers value most. Hint: It isn't what you think!
* Case studies of organizations that have achieved "magnetic" status without Toyotasized budgets.
* Rules of Attraction: recommendations to propel you forward at warp speed.

Drawing on real-life case studies and examples, Matuson demonstrates the new rules of workplace attraction and retention, helping you and your organization develop irresistible talent magnetism.

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roberta Matuson

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