political skill at work

impact on work effectiveness

By: Michael Marquardt, Shannon Banks, Peter Cauweiler, & Choon Seng Ng

Political Skill at Work hires.jpg


ISBN: 978-0-8910-6390-2


228 Pages

Business & Economics/Leadership/Personal Success

Why is political skill so important in business?

In today's organizations, career success depends more on political skill-the ability to influence, motivate, and win support from others-than on almost any other characteristic. Political Skill at Work delivers the "how" to influence at work, not just the "what."

The authors of this innovative study explore how people high in political skill are more successful at getting hired, building a reputation, and establishing leadership. From the worlds of business, politics, education, and sports, they offer compelling examples of political skill in action. And, for the first time, they provide ways to measure and enhance this powerful ability. Anyone interested in personal or professional development will find this book worthwhile.