overcoming anxiety

By:  dr. tim cantopher



ISBN: 978-1-84709-498-8


224 Pages

Self-Help/Anxieties & Phobias

The evidence that long-term anxiety causes a whole host of health problems is incontrovertible, as is the fact that it exacerbates existing problems, such as pain. The causal link between anxiety and heart disease, strokes, bowel diseases, inflammatory conditions and some cancers is well established. Reducing our anxiety would improve our long-term health as clearly as exercise and good diet. It would also allow us to perform better in whatever we are doing. The good news is that we can do something fairly quickly about stress and anxiety. This book examines characteristic thinking patterns in anxiety such as predictions, catastrophic thinking and assumptions, and looks at ways to accept and change the processes of anxiety.

Topics include:

  • Triggers of anxiety and panic

  • Anxiety threshold - how much can we take?

  • Free-floating anxiety

  • Traumatic anxiety (PTSD)

  • Performance anxiety

  • Fears and phobias ie flying, claustrophobia

  • Physical causes including hormonal (post-partum and menopause)

  • What is a 'nervous breakdown'?

  • When to see the doctor

  • Treatments - talking therapies, medication

  • Getting better, staying well