Leadership at scale

better leadership, better results

By: Claudio Feser, Michael Rennie, Nicolai Nielsen



ISBN: 978-1-4736-8418-8


400 Pages

Business & Economics/Leadership


ISBN: 978-1-4736-9604-4


224 Pages

Business & Economics/Leadership

"A first-class template demonstrating how to use superior leadership to drive performance in large organizations." - Paul Myners (Lord Myners), former FTSE100 Chair and Treasury Minister

Leadership effectiveness drives organizational performance, yet almost half of all organizations face some kind of leadership gap that they are not able to fill. In Leadership at Scale, McKinsey experts Claudio Feser, Michael Rennie and Nicolai Nielsen share their secrets on how to increase leadership effectiveness across an organization.

Using extensive research, distilled insights from McKinsey's leadership development work in practice, and lessons from a highly successful leadership development program, this book will focus on the leadership behaviors that matter most.

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