Kill Bad MEetings

Cut 50% of your MEETINGS to Transform Your Culture, Improve Collaboration, and Accelerate Decisions

By: Kevan Hall

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ISBN: 978-1-4736-6837-9


224 Pages

Business/Communication & Motivational/Leadership

Research shows that managerial and professional people on average spend two days per week in meetings. 

Meetings are one of the largest unmanaged cost area in large organizations. Today meetings consume about 40% of working time for managers and professionals People are frustrated with too many boring, irrelevant, or badly run meetings

For business, this is a huge cost. Kill Bad Meetings will show you how to cut out the unnecessary meetings, topics, and participants that make many meetings irrelevant. 

Kill Bad Meetings will show you how to save yourself several hours of time a week-so you can move on to focus on improving the planning and running of the remaining 50% of meetings that actually do need to happen.