It’s not you its the workplace

Women's Conflict at Work and the Bias that Built It

By:  Andrea S. Kramer, Alton b. Harris



ISBN: 978-1-4736-9726-3


224 Pages

Women in Business

Kramer and Harris use their combined - but distinctive - female and male perspectives to provide new and discerning viewpoints on the often-fraught scenarios of women working for, working with, supervising, and collaborating with other women. In doing so, the authors provide immediately practical techniques that will allow women to improve their relationships with other women in the workplace.

It's not you, It's the Workplace offers a fresh approach to understanding why women's relationships with other women at work are often fraught and when they are, have the potential to completely derail women's careers. It's a pervasive and complicated issue which, until now, has been falsely represented by books that paint women as inherently bitchy back-stabbers who cannot help but have challenging relationships with other women. As the authors prove, this is patently untrue! Immensely practical, the book features real-world advice and tactics to overcome and avoid workplace conflict, and most-importantly, build on the positive aspects of women to women relationships, developing stronger networks that foster women's career success and creating a more supportive and satisfying work environment.