is your genius at work?

4 key questions to ask before your next career move

By: Dick Richards

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ISBN: 978-0-8910-6194-6


228 Pages

Business & Economics/Personal Success/Personal Growth

Set your genius free ... and discover the natural power that drives you to succeed.

Behind the experience and talents cataloged in your resume lies an intrinsic power that fuels your soul and your success: your genius. As ancient as the Greeks, as trendy as New Age, the concept of genius is fully grounded in contemporary life in this powerful journey of self-discovery that takes you right to the core of what makes you unique.

Through dozens of compelling stories of people who have real­ized the transformative power of finding their genius - plus a wealth of practical exercises - Is Your Genius at Work? draws inspiring wisdom from ancient philosophies, spiritual traditions, modern sages, and the author's twenty years of research and study to help you define and give name to your genius, recognize your life's purpose, and discover how to bring your genius wholly alive through your life and work.