how to grow your own money

the no-nonsense guide for the independent investor

By: david meckin

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ISBN: 978-1-8578-8614-6


228 Pages

Business & Economics/Personal Finance

Nobody cares more about your money than you do! Take control of your money and watch it grow!

In the wake of banking crises and financial scandals there is now a common mistrust of financial advisers - the "experts." People believe that financial institutions are more interested in making money out of you through management fees than in making money for you. But now you too can manage your money and gain the confidence to make your investments work without relying on anyone else. After all, the whole point of investing is getting your money to work for you (not the other way round)!

How to Grow Your Own Money gives practical guidance from a highly successful, fellow independent investor using trusted techniques that show how you can do it too. It puts you in control of your finances and could save you a fortune in management fees. It's not as difficult or time-consuming as you think.

David Meckin keeps things simple, showing you how to save money by cutting out the middleman, how to save time without cutting corners and how to maximize your returns by applying his tried and tested 6R approach: Recognize, Reward, Risk, Research, Review and Revisit to four main areas: shares, savings accounts, property and bonds.

In How to Grow Your Own Money, investing is something you do and not just dream about.