emotional intelligence for managing results in a diverse world

the hard truth about soft skills in the workplace

By: Lee Gardenswartz, Jorge Cherbosque, Anita Rowe

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ISBN: 978-0-8910-6394-0


228 Pages

Psychology/Business & Economics/Mentoring

Harness the power of emotions - so you can leverage differences, build engaged teams, and create healthier organizations

Whether you work group stretches from here to Dubai or can easily meet in a conference room down the hall, anger and frustration are easy to come by when others don't do things your way, follow directions, or respond the way you think they should. But when emotions manage workplace relationships, the result is conflict, disengagement, and low morale.

Emotional Intelligence for Managing Results in a Diverse World delivers a novel prescription for managing effectively in today's workplace: Use the dynamic principles of EQ plus insights from the author's pioneering diversity work to increase your competence in managing emotions and enhance your effectiveness in work, relationships, and life.

The book also gives you the know-how to use this approach in coaching and developing others to help them be more successful on the job.

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