100 Lessons in Business Innovation

By: James Bidwell

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ISBN: 978-1-4736-5475-4


272 Pages

Business/Economics & Leadership

A cutting edge book on innovation and disruption for entrepreneurs, innovators, designers, marketers and fans of creative business and technology.

Compiled by Springwise, the global innovation discovery engine, Disrupt! explains and highlights the best, most disruptive, and most useful innovation ideas of the 21st Century.

The book shares which themes underpin their success and which ideas can best be used to drive creativity in your workplace, office or industry.

Dan Pink describes Springwise as: 'An amazing roundup of new business ideas and surprising business models from around the world'.

Seth Godin says: 'Almost too good to share!'

This attractively designed book draws on their vast archive and the expertise of their editorial team to create a practical, themed overview of contemporary innovation with simple, implementable strategies for bringing more creativity to your business or idea and more disruption to your industry. 

It is an indispensable handbook to modern innovation.