Breaking Free of Bonkers

How to Lead in Today’s Crazy World of Organizations

By: George Binney, Philip Glanfield, & Gerhard Wilke



ISBN: 978-1-4736-6907-9


288 Pages

Mentoring & Coaching/ Motivational

"Engaging, clear, rigorous, human and energizing ... a must-read for everyone in organizations." - Kasper Holten, former Director of Opera, Royal Opera House


Do you ever feel bewildered or even oppressed by what goes on in your organization? Does anything ever strike you as odd, ridiculous, inefficient or just plain bonkers? Chances are you are not alone.

No matter what industry, sector or institution, the world of work can often seem bonkers. We can spend so much time ticking boxes, preparing plans and reports, sitting in unproductive meetings, replying to unhelpful emails and trying to deliver on misconceived, top-down initiatives that the time to do real work is squeezed out.

Breaking Free of Bonkers shows you how it is possible to make progress despite the mad and messy world of today's organizations. Against the odds, it is possible to lead effectively.

George Binney, Phil Glanfield and Gerhard Wilke are three organization consultants from Ashridge Business School. They have an unusual vantage point. Drawing on their long experience of working with people at levels - from chief executives to front line workers - they offer hope. They use a wealth of lively examples and illustrations to show you how to get connected with colleagues, get real about what you offer and get going on the things that matter.