Optimizing The Power of Action Learning, 3E

Strategies for Developing Leaders, Building Teams and Transforming Organizations

By: Michael Marquardt, Shannon Banks, Peter Cauweiler, & Choon Seng Ng



ISBN: 978-1-4736-7696-1


228 Pages

Coaching/ Mentoring/ Management

"A must-read, thought-provoking guidebook for anyone who doubts the value of asking powerful questions, yet craves the capacity to solve pressing problems." - Dr. Sydney Savion, General Manager, Learning, Air New Zealand

Third Edition of the field-defining book!

Originated by Reg Revans in the 1940's, the Action Learning Model was refined and then reintroduced in 1995 by lead author Michael Marquardt to organizations globally as a powerful tool for improving organizational performance. Today, Marquardt is widely considered to be the modern "father" of the Action Learning approach. For this new edition of Organizing the Power of Action Learning, Marquardt has teamed up with three Action Learning experts from Asia and the UK who bring a broader global approach to what has become THE seminal book in the field.

Each chapter has been updated for alignment with today's practice and implementation of Action Learning in organizations. In addition, new material, including case studies have been added to most chapters and outdated ones replaced. The authors have added more examples of great questions in Chapter 4 (Questions & Reflections), more discussion of virtual Action Learning in Chapter 3 (The Group) and completely new content in Chapter 7 (The Action Learning Coach), specifically on how to begin Action Learning sessions and how to become a Certified Action Learning Coach.

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