cancer symptoms

By:  cheryl rezek



ISBN: 978-1-84709-423-0


224 Pages

Health & Fitness/Disease/Cancer

We all know that there can be difficult situations in life, whether physical or psychological. Reading through this book will introduce the concept of mindfulness and how it can be applied to control your thoughts and emotions in a more balanced, accepting way.
A summary of the history of mindfulness will be presented, as well as research that has been published on how mindfulness can specifically aid people in easing cancer symptoms. Throughout the book there are practices for you to use and assistance with doing these practices through a step-by-step guide of each one.

Topics include:

  • Reactions to cancer

  • Interpreting symptoms

  • The stress response

  • How a mindful approach can help

  • Effects of mindfulness on the brain

  • How to nurture and practise mindful skills

  • The importance of breathing and posture

  • Changing your thinking