Breakthrough branding

Hwow smart entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs transform a small idea into a big brand

By: catherine kaputa

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ISBN: 978-1-8578-8581-1


228 Pages

Business & Economics/Marketing

"Whether you're launching your own company, or are more of a reluctant entrepreneur, you face the imperative to build your brand. Kaputa has made this challenger her personal and professional study, and she shares secrets worth many times the cost of admission!" - Daniel H. Pink, author of Driveand A Whole New Mind

Even the smallest idea can have BIG impact when positioned correctly. Breakthrough Brandingshows entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and small businesses alike the secrets to transforming a brainstorm into big bucks.

From the grassroots growth of beverage brands like Red Bull, Honest Tea, and Innocent, to the exploding growth of digital brands like Twitter, Weibo, and Groupon; from the cult appeal of stores like Forever 21, to the success of virtual retailers like Zappos - successful companies of all types and sizes begin with three things: ambition, a winning idea, and a brand strategy.

Branding expert Catherine Kaputa uses dozens of international brand histories to demonstrate what makes a brand thrive, and provides you with the tools to do the same. Learn how to define your audience, create a standout personality, and position yourself as superior to the competition - all by utilizing the power of branding!

Packed with thoughtful reader exercises and filled with leading-edge social media strategies, Breakthrough Branding teaches novice start-ups to seasoned professionals how to leverage their assets to create a successful business.

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Catherine Kaputa

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