Action reflection learning

Solving REal business problems by connecting learning with earning

By: Isabel rimanoczy, Ernie Turner

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ISBN: 978-0-8910-6403-9


228 Pages


The comprehensive guide to the practice and theory of ARL - Action Reflection Learning

Looking for the formula that makes training relevant and transferable - and achieves sustainable results? Look no further than Action Reflection Learning. Its simple yet essential principles can make an unforgettable impact on your practice and revolutionize the way adult learners learn.

Built on a solid foundation of adult learning theory and action learning methodology, this cutting-edge volume delivers a next-generation, multidisciplinary approach that will take your teaching and facilitating interventions to a new level of excellence.

Whether it's used to help individuals through a post merger integration, to work with a team of educators in crisis, or to prepare young talent for the next big challenge, this holistic methodology stands apart from traditional training methods. With its intense focus on learning style preferences and designing interventions, it both honors differences and acknowledges learners' realities.